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We are a community of around 3,000 members consisting of registered architects working in Thailand, with the balance of membership made up of Thailand architects working overseas, architectural graduates, architecture students, teachers of architecture and retired architects. The Association of Siamese Architects Nationals was established in the year 1934. The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage was also founded in 1934.


  1. Outreach aims to create prosperity, magnificent architecture, environment and treatment of civilization as an organization of independent living architecture.
  2. Strengthening solidarity among the mass membership. To maintain the honor and dignity, including strengthening unity. Activities that benefit the members of the profession and to society.
  3. Awareness consulting, professional and academic benefits for its members and society. Promoting research and disseminating research and development. To advance in the practice of architecture, and keep up with changes with age.
  4. Cooperate with the government agencies, organizations and institutions both within the country andoutside the country. To develop and disseminate the ideological role of the architect. The architectureis secure People of Faith.
  5. Develop and monitor compliance with the obligation to serve and ethics of the profession of architecture for the benefit of its members and the public.
  6. Set standards and rules on the architectural profession.
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