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Outcome-Based Contracting Technical Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, 10 November 2020 at 4.00PM to hear from the Goverment and industry leaders on how the security sector can lead in Outcome-Based Contracting!

The digital economy has brought about several seismic shifts to the security industry. Among them is the shift from an Output-based to Outcome-based Security Contracting model.

Today, outcome-based security contracting is an extremely crucial part of Singapore’s – and Asia’s – Digital Transformation roadmap. In keeping overheads low, security organisations and consultants are able to develop risk-mitigation and assessment plans, as well as focusing on up-skilling their security personnel for the digital economy.

We are therefore delighted to present Outcome-Based Contracting Technical Webinar, the first in our thought leadership series for the Security industry. This is a specially curated series leading up to the Safety & Security Asia 2021. This webinar is a must-attend for security and management professionals.

Registration is free!

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